About us:

Al Fayhaa Jewlery, established in the year of 2000, with a skilled experience and majestic history in Gold trading, whether in the Local UAE market, the Gulf region or internationally. Specialized in gold trading and experts in the market on a local and international scale.
Deep foundation in gold trading industry, accompanied by a great knowledge in the market; we trade on a vast scope in the MENA region, Europe and Asia Trading with all types of gold: Italian, Turkish, Malaysian and Singaporean...etc. Our offices are located in UAE and Italy, to ensure the service delivery and deals on a worldwide scale.

Our Values:

Making sure that we deliver the best quality of gold in the market, the finest and cleanest gold in the region -is located at our company. We guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and customers when we deliver our best quality Gold.
We manufacture and import our products, and we export them to the desired destination globally.

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